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SHE is an emerging contemporary artist who is based in Bremen Germany. SHE works in multimedia creating exquisite textures using European fresco techniques.

SHE is currently featured in various galleries and venues in Germany and the United States. These works deal with the human behavior of assigning value and the Cultural Neurological and hormonal influences of this practice. SHE currently has over 200 large works - these innovative abstract pieces will be shown for the first time in Galleries and exclusive art events in 2019.


SHE went to Germany with the intention of studying the language and culture for one year. The one-year trip turned into a vast journey around the world. After completing an AFA degree at CPCC in Charlotte, NC, SHE went to Europe drawn by stone architecture and art. SHE was privileged to intern with Sigfried Hermann official Restaurateur of the Bremen Cathedral. The European Restoration and Fresco Techniques pushed her art to the next level. Incredible fine art based on ideas in large form.


SHE has been privileged to meet and work with diverse people and artists from all around the world. SHE has drawn inspiration from years of independent cultural studies visiting over 10 countries and hundreds of communities. SHE has multiple notable exhibitions including the Pease Gallery with the League for innovation.